As an all-volunteer group, we have many opportunities that will increase your skills and make best use of your talents. We intentionally extend an invitation to women with lived experiences that are underrepresented in our ranks, in our society and in Minnesota.

  • Opportunities to be part of an action-oriented team

  • Opportunities to be a leader and to grow and mentor other women leaders


Action Teams are leaders and/or committees that are the movers and shakers of our movement. These positions “get shit done.” If you are ready to hit the ground running and be an agent for change in Minnesota, this is the place for you! Fill out the volunteer form on this page to get connected.

  • 2019 March Planning Committee: The 2017 Women’s March inspired hundreds of women to run, millions more to vote, and dozens to win elected office. The 2019 Women’s March marks two years of resistance, and it’s time to march again, Minnesota.

    • Interested in planning? Sign up.

    • We also need marshals for the big day. You will be trained to keep community interactions safe and peaceful. Interested? Sign up.

  • Fundraising Committee: Develops and implements the fundraising plan, and solicits sources of support. Interested? Sign up here.

  • Greater MN: Creates a network of key members, huddles and collaborative groups across the state to support activism. Supports Calls to Action, convenes, coordinates and develops work plans for areas in Greater MN based on needs expressed by local experts. Interested? Sign up here.

  • Legislative Action: Directly impacts legislation and changes the political landscape of the state. Aligns WMM strategies and priorities with our legislative agenda and provides our base with information, tools, training and opportunities for activism. Interested? Sign up here.

  • Communication Team: Get the word out for Women’s March Minnesota. Specifically seeking social media specialists, web management volunteers, and digital organizers. Interested? Sign up here.

  • Special Events: Are special events your wheelhouse? Are you able to coordinate, schedule, create, and gather with your eyes closed? We need you! Sign up here.

  • Youth EMPOWER Team: Provides the tools needed to create high school and college chapters that guide young people in making a positive impact in their communities. We believe that the single most powerful act we can do is prepare young people with the skills and commitments to take actions around causes that matter to them with courage, compassion and collaboration. Youth EMPOWER is intended for middle, high school and college-aged youth only. Please be sure your parent or caregiver are aware before joining any online community.


Discover where you fit in. A one-time event or an ongoing role within the movement. Because a woman’s place is in the resistance. Fill out the volunteer form on this page to get connected!


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