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We are currently in building mode! We are building an organizational structure so we can keep convening a community of people working towards equality, social justice and human rights. Fill out the form to express your interest in an opportunity or to learn more.

We have limited opportunities right now in three areas: one-time events, projects, or committees. As we grow we will continue to send out volunteer opportunities!

We are currently filling the following positions:

Join the Women’s March of Minnesota Pink Hat Brigade! 

Grab your hat, your WMM gear, your resistance buttons, and join us for other Marches, events, and actions in the community. 

You can sign up for the Brigade two ways:
1. Follow this link to join the Brigade email list
2. JOIN US on Facebook: Women’s March Minnesota Pink Hat Brigade

If you want to be a Pink Hat Brigade leader use the form to the left.            

Call to Action Legislative Volunteer (3 volunteers needed) 

WMM is seeking volunteers to be part of a Metro-Wide Call to Action Team about State Legislation. This Team tracks State Legislation, and then puts together Calls to Action that are available to any groups who want them. WMM is responsible to follow up and monitor bills that have been voted on. This need is URGENT as there are only about 6 more weeks of this session.

This position involves getting familiar with the legislative process, and making a few calls during the day, looking things up on line to get clear on the status of the bills and then putting the information into a huge shared spreadsheet. Important work but requires an interest to learning about this world. About 3 hours a week, though may take a bit of time at the beginning to work out the system. 

You would be part of a larger partnership on behalf of WMM and grow your advocacy skills and contacts! This is a larger partnership with Stand Up Minnesota, Stand Up Minnesota – Twin Cities, Our Revolution, and Indivisilble Minnesota Local.

Writing Legislative Calls to Action (2 Opportunities)

This position will work with the Legislative Team to monitor bills that are being discussed, and send out Calls to Action to our mailing list and social media followers.

We monitor bills in two online places, and you would need to be a bit of a stickler for detail, and follow some complicated legislative language. This may take up to 4 hours a week, maybe more as you go through the learning curve.

You would work closely with the WMM Political Action Team, and see how your calls help get the information needed to become active by contacting their reps or going down to hearings! 

Legislative Action your Interest? (2 opportunities)

Help conceive of and put together a couple of pages for the Legislative Action part of a website (info only). This will include information on how to best contact your reps, how to testify at a hearing, background information on issues in particular bills – workers’ rights, reproductive rights etc.; tools for activism; resources – podcasts, radio shows, films etc., etc.

We are looking for 1 or 2 people to do this. About 4 hours a week – though may be more to begin with. All negotiable. 

Communications and Legislative Action (2 Opportunities)

Help conceive of and put together our Weekly Action List that will get sent out as part of a Weekly Newsletter to our base every week. This will be a mixture of Calls to Action as well as information on issues, opportunities for people to learn more, etc.

Inspire people to get into action for the long haul! About 4 hours a week.

Political Action Events and Opportunities (1 Opportunity)

Help conceive of and plan campaigns like voter registration, getting people in GOP districts to contact their reps, supporting change in Greater Minnesota through legislative Calls to Action. About 4 hours a week.

Volunteer Committee

Seeking fun, personable, experienced managers of people!  Matching volunteers to work groups, dreaming up monthly orientation and recruitment events and comfortable with online technology (database, recruitment, recognition).

Graphic Designer

(Experienced, Modern, Progressive – Able to understand WMM brand and interpret that into the design of materials) Proficient in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 

Confident in creating brochures, pamphlets, and other print literature. 

Social Media & Communications Interns: (2)

Key understanding of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. SEO Savvy. Familiarity with Constant Contact is a plus but not required


Huddle (noun) - a small group of people holding an informal conversation

Communicate and coordinate with Twin Cities and Greater MN Huddle groups.  How can we create more groups?  How can we share resources across groups?  How can we make sure we are supporting Huddles how and when they need.

Engagement Committee (with Organizations) 

Spotlight Interviewers.  Spotlights occur once a week, about a 60 min. commitment, generally daytime hours, can be coordinated around your schedule!  We encourage 2 volunteers per interview - one to record and one to ask questions.  Training will be required on the filming (using simple phone technology) and interviewing.  Could volunteer one time a month to weekly!

Volunteers needed to help us strengthen our commitment to organizations under the umbrella of our Unity Principles (Ending Violence, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Worker’s Rights, Civil Rights, Rights for People with Disabilities, Immigrant Rights and Environmental Justice).  Track events hosted by or for these organizations, so that we can better inform our mailing lists and social media contacts.  Volunteer position may or may not be interested in learning how to list events on our website calendar (or forward on to Committee Chair for posting). This position can be done from anywhere based on your available time.

Calendar Maintenance: post events to our website that are hosted by or for organizations under the umbrella of our Unity Principles (Ending Violence, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Worker’s Rights, Civil Rights, Rights for People with Disabilities, Immigrant Rights and Environmental Justice), website training will be provided.  Volunteer position could also track calendar items (see listing above).  This position can be done from anywhere based on your available time.