Third Thursdays

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MAY: Join us May 17th Location TBD, 6pm – 8pm

Save-the-Date - "Road to the Mid-Terms" - let's get ready for the November elections.

With energy and enthusiasm high as we head into the midterm elections this Fall, join our panel of experts to learn about the challenges and the opportunities of the upcoming elections. Find out which organizations are doing what and how we can work with them to make these all-important midterm elections a success. More details will be sent out next week.

This event will be hosted by WMM and is part of a series of monthly opportunities for activists to learn more about subjects that matter to them, gain new activism skills, and socialize.



Third Thursdays Social Resistance Gathering is a new series taking place on the third Thursday of each month. The event is a chance for community members to come together, socialize, learn and re-ignite their passion to continue the good fight protecting progressive values in Minnesota.  Third Thursdays are a great opportunity to dig deeper into issues and find out what you can do about them.


Previous topics:


 Was April 19th at the Black Dog Café, St. Paul. A mid-session check-in, with legislators discussing what’s happened, what’s next and what there is to do about it.



On average, woman are paid 20% less than their male counterparts, and that ratio is even worse for woman of color. We "celebrate" Equal Pay Day on April 10, the day in 2018 where women will finally have made as much money as their male counterparts did during the 2017 calendar year. The wage gap is real, and it's time we do something about it.


Roe Unrealized: The war on women is worse than we realize. Roe vs Wade is in place, but far too many women cannot get the reproductive healthcare they need and the GOP is making it more difficult. Karen Law, director of Our Justice, discussed how birth control, abortion, race, poverty and access to resources are being talked about at both national and local levels and how they tilt the playing field even more against some women. She talked about upcoming legislation aimed at further restricting access, and what we can do to make a change for equal access to the healthcare women need. “From unnecessary restrictions at reproductive health clinics, teen mom shaming, and legal challenges blocking insurance coverage for birth control, the need to challenge reproductive injustice remains central to gender equity” – Karen Law, Our Justice.


Stand Up St. Paul invited Kelis Houston from the NAACP Minneapolis to speak on child welfare and the clear racial bias and disproportionate contact and conflict that African-American and multiracial families contend with from DHS and Child Protective Services in Minnesota.

December 2017

We met with progressive candidates and we shift our focus to 2018 to Take back the (MN) House!

November 2017

Indivisible Minnesota led a discussion on Helathcare and attempted to uncomplicate a complicated issue.

October 2017

ERA MN and NOW hosted a discussion on the Equal Rights Amendment at October's Third Thursday!

September 2017

Women's March Minnesota and the Minnesota Resistance Coalition hosted a discussion on Standing with Refugees and Immigrants In Minnesota in the Age of Trump in September 2017.