Resist Bot

Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress.

Resistbot is an experiment in daily civic engagement. It will text you once in a while to see if you’d like to pressure your officials or keep you posted on what they think you’d be interested in.

aclu mobile justice.png

Mobile Justice App

The Mobile Justice MN app is one way you can put a check on law enforcement misconduct wherever, whenever. With this app you can:

  • ecord and submit incidents directly and securely to the ACLU in Minnesota using your phone camera.
  • Get instant location alerts from fellow app users witnessing incidents nearby.
  • Know your rights when encountering or witnessing an incident with law enforcement, and access the ACLU's full library of "Know Your Rights" materials at the click of a button.

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Digital Security Tips

Many protesters may not be aware of the unfortunate fact that exercising their First Amendment rights may open themselves up to certain risks. Those engaging in peaceful protest may be subject to search or arrest, have their movements and associations mapped, or otherwise become targets of surveillance. It is important that in a democracy citizens exercise their right to peaceably assemble, and demonstrators should be aware of a few precautions they can take to keep themselves and their data safe.