Alena served on the WMM Engagement Committee for the march. She’s been a long-time volunteer for social justice organizations for women—in El Salvador and Darfur—and for ending hunger with a particular passion for raising awareness, advocacy, fundraising, and encouraging legislation that supports human rights. 

Alena is with WMM to support the rights of women, children, immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, GLBTQIA communities and to help protect the environment. She envisions a world of radical compassion in which no one feels marginalized.


Alicia has her master's in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She has dedicated her career to advocating for those in need and giving back to the community. Currently she works tenaciously to protect the rights of one of Minnesota's most vulnerable population, individuals with disabilities. 

Alicia marched in January and continues to march to be the change that she wants to see in the world! 


Amelia is a passionate advocate for human rights and an experienced community organizer. Amelia started campaigning and working on social justice issues as a teenager and has continued to develop her skills and expertise over the past 15-plus years.

Amelia has a bachelor's in Anthropology and Global Studies and is currently completing her graduate work in Public Policy. Amelia is a returned Peace Corps volunteer. During her two years working with subsistence farmers in sub-saharan African Amelia honed her skills in problem solving and accomplishing a lot with very few resources.

Amelia marched because we all do better, when we all do better.


Bethany has always been passionate about human rights; she has spent over 10 years actively involved with non-profit organizations. Bethany notes her years spent mentoring high school students as some of her most important work. Her time spent with teens instilled a sense of value for hearing the stories of others in hopes of creating genuine and intentional connections.

Bethany graduated from Bethel University with a bachelor's in Communications. Her background includes event planning for various non-profits and working for a national publication company as a Branding and Media Coordinator. She marched in hopes of constructing a more equitable future for her children.


Debra was a member of the awesome and tireless Logistics Team for Women's March Minnesota. She was delighted to find a place at the table to help bring that remarkable, life-changing event into the world. As a result she has sought to continue offering whatever skills she has to help organize ongoing efforts that bring attention to the disparities those around us suffer every day.

Debra has worked in government for most of her career, both state and county. She has maintained a passion for public service, particularly focused on those most in need, believing that she can and should give voice to those who cannot. She currently works as an area manager for Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health, supporting the many incredible people who have devoted themselves to helping those in need access services.

Debra continues to march because she can't not!

Emily is an experienced health and development professional with academic qualifications in the social sciences and public health. Her career goals have always focused on addressing barriers to care and opportunity for vulnerable and underserved communities.

Emily marched to demonstrate her commitment to fighting for civil rights and social justice for all and is proud to continue the fight through ongoing community and policy action in partnership with local leaders. 



Jammi was a member of the WMM Logistics Committee, where she was honored to work alongside a group of amazing women “building a small city.”

Jammi has a degree in Communications and graduate work in Non-Profit Management. She is a former non-profit Executive with an affinity for solving problems in service based organizations.

She is a committed to community—with a professional and volunteer history of gathering people as a non-profit event planner, small business owner, and Women’s Circle leader. Jammi’s work has evolved and she is now a Transpersonal Life coach, a Soulwork Circle facilitator, and a warrior for the Divine Feminine. She supports women to live an embodied life—heart, mind, body, soul + home.

Jammi marched because she believes in equality, and her passions include how we care for—and about—each other and ourselves.


Kristin has a passion for service, including women’s issues, healthcare, small business development and strong communities. She believes the only way to impact real change is for more women to have a seat at the table in government, which drove her to run for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016 and 2018.

Kristin is a Gustavus graduate and currently works in technology as a Certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach. She teaches teams how to work together to reach a common goal and exceed expectations.

Kristin marches to prove that the right side of history is the one that embodies the principle that, “Human Rights are Women’s Rights” and we are indeed “Stronger Together.”


Mary is on the Legislative Action team. Originally from South Africa and then the UK, Mary grew up around a lot of activism—the struggle against the apartheid regime, the peace movement, the women's movement, the fight for equality and social justice. She has a bachelor's in Modern Chinese Studies and her background is in social issue television documentary-making.

A feminist, Mary is deeply committed to equal rights for all women. Mary marched for an end to the divisions between us and a better future for all our children.

Sam served on the WMM Logistics Committee for the march. Sam works in transportation planning and has spent her career building stronger, connected communities through grass-roots participation.

Sam has a bachelor's degree in Geography and although has traveled the world, loves calling Minnesota home. Sam has a passion for women's equality, social justice and the environment.

Sam marched and will continue to march to be a positive force for the protection of all. 



Su participated on the Logistics Committee for the Women's March MN where she saw first hand the power of fiercely committed women to do something monumental. She is leveraging that experience by now serving on the Action Committee for Women's March Minnesota organization. 

Most of Su's career has been driven by the desire to have a positive impact in people's lives through political activism, working in clinical trials, and volunteering at The Aliveness Project.

Su marched (and continues to march) because she believes that "liberty and justice for all" means just that—for all.