9 Ways to Gift for Good this Holiday Season

Does it feel like your gifts this year should do more like helping others in need and supporting this girl-power moment? Women’s March Minnesota is here to help you do just that with a holiday guide to giving for good — all while standing up to the patriarchy, of course.

  1. Let’s give this year with girl empowerment in mind. A Mighty Girl has it all, from women’s history to science toys, there are lots to pick from for any age--and any gender. Your purchase supports the mission of A Mighty Girl, to support courageous girls with books, toys and movies reflective of their creativity, brains and strength. Check out their holiday guide
  2. Give a gift supporting charitable organizations — something for everyone! This Mashable list gives you a great list of holiday gifts for anyone on your list. The bracelet above, “The Future is Female,” gives $5 from each cuff's sell to Planned Parenthood.
  3. Here's our shameless plug to help support our own grassroots effort to march from a moment to a movement, working to amplify Minnesota women's voices and supporting equality, social justice and human rights. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for that Minnesotan in your life. Help us keep the march toward progress going with your donation.
  4. Keep your feminist spirit warm this winter by giving this sweatshirt from the University of Minnesota. Your purchase goes to support the Barceló Scholarship, assisting University of Minnesota women-identified students with financial need in completing their education at the University, with a special focus on women of color, new immigrants, and first generation college students.
  5. You can go straight to a charitable organization like UNICEF for that beer-lover on your list. These hand-blown beer glasses provides 38 packets of lifesaving nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition.
  6. Give the gift of impeachment; we know someone in particular this would fit perfectly. Impeach Boutique is working to end the reign of Trump and Republicans who are working tirelessly tear down progress. Give $24 in donations to help flip the 24 seats needed to put the Democrats in charge. Send a heartfelt holiday card to Trump or give loved ones and friends "awesomely ugly Christmas sweatshirts."
  7. Shop small and maybe even local by making your purchase through an Etsy shop for any number of gift ideas for anyone with “feminist” used in the search bar.
  8. Keep good, not fake. Journalism is alive and well with proven records of accurate reporting from an unbiased standpoint. Gift a subscription to one of these noted media outlets for anyone on your list for continued freedom of press.

    › Subscribe to your local newspaper
    › Subscribe to the The New York Times or The Washington Post
    › Donate to NPR, and/or your local affiliate
    › Sign up for POLITICO Magazine
    › Donate to PBS and/or your local station
    › Subscribe to The Atlantic Magazine

    There’s a ton of options, more than what’s listed above, for however you get your news, whether it’s online, print or radio, to keep good, investigative journalism in the Trump-era with fact-checking and holding those in power accountable.
  9. Send a message to Mike Pence and others in Washington D.C. working to end women’s rights to choice, adequate health care and a voice to making decisions about their own bodies by making a donation to organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood and many others. There are often national and local chapters of NGOs working to keep our rights, health and environment progressing forward.