We Are Women's March Minnesota

#WMM | #WomensMarchMN


Unity Principle Committees

Our Unity Principle Committees are the business of WMM. These grassroots teams will develop the strategies and goals to meet the mission of WMM and focus their work on education, amplification and activation in their issue areas. These Principles were created and ratified as part of the National Women’s March Movement.

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Civil Rights

  • Ending Violence


  • Rights for People with Disabilities

  • Immigrant and Refugee Rights

  • Worker's Rights

  • Environmental Justice


Operations Teams

Our Action and Operating teams are where we get s**t done in Minnesota. The Operations teams work behind the scenes to organize activities, brainstorm opportunities, reach out to the community, set up and market events. To be part of an Operations Team with WMM is to be part of the backbone of the organization.

  • Administrative Support

  • Communications

  • Special Events

  • Volunteer Coordinators

  • Fundraising

  • Rapid Response


Action Teams

Action Teams for Women’s March MN are the one’s who have their ear to the ground for the latest happening in their area of expertise and passion. Everything from reaching out to the legislature, getting people out to vote, engaging communities in greater Minnesota, to the upcoming young voters of our state and more.. action teams are at the heart of Women’s March Minnesota.

  • Legislative

  • Electoral Process

  • Greater MN Regional

  • Youth Empower

  • Call To Action


our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of Women's March MN is comprised of Board of Directors members, Action Team Leads, and Unity Principle Committee Leads. This team represents the grassroots nature of our work: working across issue areas, in alliance with community groups that have been seeking justice and equity for centuries, and in partnership with activists, volunteers, and individuals to amplify the voices of women to create community and progressive change in Minnesota.

Our Board of Directors

The mission of Women's March Minnesota is to harness the power of women and their communities to create transformative social change. The Board of Directors of Women’s March MN is our official guiding body. The Board sets the direction for our organization and determines the big picture of WMM while ensures smooth running of the organization.

We launched as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in February 2018. As our own entity, we have our own board and leadership, separate from Women's March national. We are committed to fighting all forms of oppression as outlined in our Unity Principles. We will not tolerate anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia, and we condemn these expressions of hatred in all forms.