Women’s March Minnesota Ends Official Connection with Women’s March National

On Sunday, July 14, Women’s March Minnesota’s Board of Directors voted unanimously against signing an affiliation agreement presented by Women’s March, Inc.

Women’s March Minnesota is an independent IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization (granted by the IRS in February of 2018). Women’s March Inc released its proposed affiliation document, opening the “official” affiliation process in March of this year.

Women’s March Minnesota provided feedback regarding the initial agreement draft, as well as a multitude of on-going concerns that have been voiced by the Board, volunteers, and supporters of WMM.

In April, a convening of sister march chapters was held in Chicago led by Women’s March, Inc, where representatives from multiple sister march chapters worked to finalize the text of the affiliation agreement, as well as open discussions about what the future of the Women’s March could be. Women’s March Minnesota had a representative attend.

As Women’s March Minnesota thoroughly reviewed the agreement both before and after the Chicago convening, the Board continued discussions. Both benefits and costs of affiliating with Women’s March, Inc were vetted. There were several deciding factors contributing to the decision not to sign the affiliation agreement, including the following:

  • Lack of professionalism on the part of the Board of WMI

  • Difference in vision/mission

  • Inadequately responding to ongoing criticism

  • Lack of building a sustaining enterprise that helps / benefits sister march states

  • Lack of transparency regarding finances

  • Hierarchical structure that does not take into account the multitude of individual Women’s Marchers that are the backbone of this movement

Women’s March Minnesota looks forward to serving as a gateway to intersectional feminism in Minnesota that activates and engages people through introspection, learning, and collaboration in order to achieve equality, equity, and justice.

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Jackie Craig