Messy Convos

On Sunday August 19th at the Rondo Library in St. Paul, Members of Women's March MN and the community gathered to explore issues in US immigration policy and history.  We worked together to learn more about the impact of immigration on our economy and society as well as the historical perspective on immigration policies and experiences. We also practiced reframing myths about immigration and how to counteract them.

KaYing Yang of Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) showed us the diversity of  Asian Americans in Minnesota and the importance of looking at disaggregated data in forming state and school board policies. In Minnesota over 40 ethnic groups are categorized as Asians despite the differences in income and educational achievement.  

Ellen Longfellow, Esq. from the Council on American Islamic Relations of Minnesota (CAIR-MN) spoke about many challenges for our Muslim community, including how Muslim children, especially girls are the targets of school bullying and that Muslims are often targeted for FBI and airport security screenings.  Ms. Longfellow also talked about the difficulty of Muslims in the workforce who wish to observe their religious holidays, have the opportunity to pray during the workday and their lack of career advancement.

We're planning another Messy Conversation - stay tuned for more information soon.


Past Messy Conversations:

August 2018, Immigration History and Policy

  • WHEN: Sunday, August 19th, 2018, 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., WHERE: Rondo Community Library, 461 N Dale St. Saint Paul, MN  55104, Join the Women’s March Minnesota Immigrant & Refugee Rights Committee for a 2-hour interactive, educational event focused on US immigration history and policy. Together we will test our knowledge, decipher fact from myth and practice communication strategies that will empower us to have more effective conversations about immigration. The event will conclude with a panel of leaders from local community organizations. Jovita Morales of MN - Immigrant Movement (MIM), KaYing Yang of Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL), Fata Acquoi of African Immigrant Services (AIS) and Ellen Longfellow, Esq. from the Council on American Islamic Relations of Minnesota (CAIR-MN) will share information about their work and how we can support their efforts.