2 easy steps to Make your voice hearD

Step 1. Find & connect with your representatives

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Enter your address in this lookup tool from the Minnesota Legislature to find the state representative and senator who represent you.

Click on the “Contact” button to get their contact information and sign up for their mailing lists.

Let your legislators know what’s important to you, and connect with them regularly by:

  • visiting them at the Capitol,

  • attending their constituent events,

  • calling their office, and/or

  • emailing them.


Step 2: Get Comfortable at the Capitol

WMM is offering “Comfortable at the Capitol” tours during the session. Learn how things work at the MN State Capitol and find out some of the things you can do to have an impact on which bills get passed this session.

And, see this information for visiting the Capitol from the legislature.

Upcoming legislative events

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legislature 101

InformMN videos on the basics of the legislature and the legislative process.