The time is now. Our voice, our bodies, and our communities are under attack. Every day WMM works to amplify the voices of women and their communities and right now - for the rest of 2018 - we need your help to get out the vote (on Twitter #GOTV).

We need to activate and vote like our lives depend on it, because for most of us this is very, very true.

It is shaping up to be a life-changing election season. We, and a growing coalition of over 15 activist groups, will have the opportunity to show Minnesota what is important to us by electing representatives that look like us, fight like us, and protect the rights of those whom we love - children, immigrants, refugees, people of color, people who experience mental health challenges or live with disabilities, and women from all of our many communities. Our futures are tied to each other.

Winning elections to influence policy cannot be done without your help and without people on the ground ensuring that our voices are heard on the ballot and at the voting booth.

June 30th We Marched: 
Now We Pitch In and Then We VOTE! #PowerToThePollsMN

Women’s March Minnesota is launching our #PowerToThePollsMN campaign and in order to be successful, WE NEED YOUR HELP! As we continue to go from a March to a Movement, we must continue to be on the ground doing important work. Important work is not done without money to support the work: educational events and materials in multiple language, transportation (getting people TO the polls), training, and connecting people across communities.

In 2017, Minnesota created the LARGEST event ever in the state: Women’s March. And on Saturday, June 30th, we did it again. We showed up, we marched, and we made it clear that we are not okay with what is happening in our government. The fight for equity, equality, and justice begins in all of our communities. It begins with each of us, and it begins when we all come together.

This is where YOU come in. JOIN US in donating to Women’s March Minnesota and be part of a continuing movement and see the important change we need in our state. Your power is showing up for candidates you believe in and brining both yourself and friends to the polls in November.

If there is one thing we know about women in Minnesota is that we know how to SHOW UP!

Join us by going to our GoFundMe page and make a donation in an amount that is meaningful to you. Join us and with your support, we will bring POWER TO THE POLLS in November.

In appreciation,

Women's March MN Board of Directors

P.S. Please SHARE our GoFundMe page and why this continued movement is important to you on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, SnapChat, Blog, and by email.


Photos below are from the Saturday, June 30th Free Our Future March. Photo Credit: Thaiphy Phan-Quang - Banner artist: Labor Camp - Banner carriers: Women's March MN




2018 is your year to commit to Study Up, Speak Up and Show Up to make change happen. Below are just a few ideas that you can commit to in the next year to make a difference.


Find ways to commit in 2018 with the Women's March Minnesota Commitment Card.

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Gear up for your year of resistance! 

Show off your Women's March Minnesota pride and help spread awareness for our movement!

All orders fund our mission to harness the power of all women to create change in 2018 and beyond.


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