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Occupy ICE/OpDetentionCenter Solidarity Demo

  • People's Power Plaza Lake ave and Superior St Duluth, Minnesota (map)

Hosted by Anonymous Twin Ports and 9 others

From the hosts:

Tens of thousands of people whom ICE has deported have no criminal record; ICE detainees have been denied medical care and are subject to solitary confinement, sexual assault, and rape. ICE requested that the National Archives and Records Administration destroy records related to its detention operations. Asylum seekers are often held by ICE without trial or bail;
While the United States has a reputation for refuge. ICE conducts raids in our schools, courthouses and workplaces, spreading fear and brutality.

On any given day...roughly 2,000 children at the border are being held in child concentration camps, in unsafe and unsanitary conditions we remember that Anne Frank and many died not in gas Chambers but from Typhus a condition caused by unsafe, unsanitary and overcrowded camp conditions, some of these families sit in cages while risking everything to find "The American Dream". This isn't a new practice in America, the separation of family has been in practice for generations. As people indigenous to southern tribes and Turtle Island these families should be welcomed and allowed to travel their ancestral migrational routes to safety as part of the Jay treaty. Many of these families are fleeing from violence caused by policies and actions carried out by the United States, if Lady Liberty could she would hang her head in shame.