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No cops at PRIDE in Minneapolis

Hosted by a variety of groups including; Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, Justice for Marcus Golden and Women's March Minnesota. For more details

Join us this Sunday at Hennepin and 5th as we say #NoCopsAtPride!
Pride’s origin is in the sacrifices of queer/trans BIPOC who lead an uprising to fight-back against police violence. We resist the police & corporations who want to use our bodies, our Pride, for PR! We will defend BIPOC who face violence and are excluded by the pink-washed Pride in MPLS.
1. We demand that Twin Cities Pride honors the legacy and life of trans women of color and recognize Pride as the byproduct of their resistance of police brutality and repression.
2. We demand that TC Pride combat state violence with the total elimination of police and law enforcement at all of their events.
3. We demand TC Pride is accountable for the perpetuation of white supremacy and forms a committee to eradicate the normalization of these violent systems.
4. We demand that TC Pride provides an exclusive healing space at all future events for indigenous and people of color to process, rest, and restore justice. IBPOC will control completely the creation of this space and TC Pride must honor, lift up and not disrupt the construction of the space.
5. We demand that TC Pride divest of all corporations as they promote the marginalization, exploitation, and criminalization of marginalized communities.
6. We demand that TC Pride funds and organizes a town hall meeting alongside marginalized groups including but not limited to TC Justice for Jamar, Native Lives Matter, and Justice for Marcus Golden. It’s October, and TC Pride has failed to reach out to us. We angrily request that TC Pride contact us within the next two months.
7. We demand that TC Pride provide racial reparations via redistribution of resources and monetary compensation to grassroots organizations of the coalition’s choice. There is No Pride without Liberation for us All.
8. The Executive Director and Board of Directors step down, and be replaced with leadership that is queer and trans and majority BIPOC.


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