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Fundraiser for MIRAC US-Mexico border delegation participants

  • 4200 Cedar Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55407 United States (map)
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From the host:
More details about activities at the fundraiser coming soon! GoFundMe also coming soon for those who want to donate but can't make it to the event.

Join us at a fundraiser to raise money to help send several members of MIRAC on a national delegation to the US-Mexico border this spring. This event will raise money to help get them there and cover the expenses of the delegation.

President Trump continues demanding money for more militarization of the already heavily-militarized US-Mexico border, even dangerously threatening to declare a state of emergency when there is no emergency. Every day he vilifies migrants and refugees with racist and xenophobic attacks against people who are largely seeking asylum after fleeing the violence, devastation and chaos created in their countries by decades of US military and economic intervention. He lies about migrants, and he lies about the border.

We are sending people on this delegation to learn more about the history, issues and immigrant rights struggles around the border by seeing them first hand and talking to people directly affected at the border. Participating in this delegation will help strengthen our commitment to fighting against militarization of the border, and fighting for legalization and full equality for migrants and refugees.

The delegation will include people from several cities around the country. It is being organized by the Legalization for All Network, a national network that MIRAC is affiliated with.

Email us at if you have anything you'd like to donate for the fundraiser (things we could sell or auction off like gift certificates, art, etc.).