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Deep Canvass with Jewish Community Action

go door-to-door and have meaningful conversations with voters about immigration the face of immigration enforcement and criminal justice systems that dehumanize and divide communities, that separates and deports immigrants, and calls those that are different than us less-than-human, the Decriminalizing Communities Campaign is working toward a vision of community that embraces the differences between us. We begin our work locally--here in our Counties--by changing the ways that our Counties participate in criminalizing communities. We will connect in-depth with Hennepin County residents about their views on immigration through Deep Canvassing.

Deep Canvassing, which you may be familiar with from Jewish Community Action's work last year, will bring us into real conversations and deep listening with voters that move past the headlines and uncover people’s values and experience. We know that when we listen to someone else’s experience and share ours, we have a better chance of overcoming political divisions, forging connections, and creating the changes we want to see.

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