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Call-In For Governor's Mansion Arrestees

PLEASE SHARE and call the city attorney and the mayor to demand that all charges from the Philando Castile Demonstrations be dropped!

On July 26th, 2016 over 70 protesters were arrested in front of the Governor’s Mansion. They were part of a community that gathered for 21 days in protest of Philando Castile’s lynching. Throughout the day cops suited in riot gear terrorized protesters, arresting them even after their accommodating every demand made of them. Officer Yanez was acquitted of murdering Philando, and paid $40,000 in severance by the city of Saint Anthony. He is free to continue working as a cop for other city police departments.

Two years later, protesters are receiving trial dates, being prosecuted more than Officer Yanez ever will be. Some protesters have taken pleas to avoid the full terrorism of the Saint Paul judiciary--but taking pleas results in fines and a requirement to not be arrested within a year of the plea. About 25 protesters remain fighting charges and will be going to trial.

The city attorney has the power to drop these unjust charges at any time. Please call the city attorney Lyndsey Olson (651-266-8710) and Mayor Carter (651-266-8510) to demand that all charges from the Philando Castile demonstrations are dropped!

A call-in script can be found here