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Protest: Trump Must Go!

  • Federal Courthouse 300 South 4th Street Minneapolis, MN, 55415 United States (map)

Protest: Trump Must Go!
Thursday, June 1
4:30 pm
Federal Courthouse, downtown Minneapolis
4th Street & 4th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55415

The drumbeat calling for Trump’s presidency to end is getting louder. Join us June 1 to add our voices to that chorus calling for Trump out now!

We can’t wait until 2020 or wait patiently for processes like impeachment to run their excruciatingly slow bureaucratic course to push Trump out. Every day he stays in office he is a threat to humanity and his policies continue to severely harm millions of people at home and abroad. Mass protests have stopped some of Trump’s worst proposals from moving forward like the Muslim ban and the health care disaster. We need to build on that and get millions of people in the streets across the country standing up and saying the time is now for Trump to pack up and go!

Since the day he took office, Donald Trump’s presidency has heaped one outrage on top of another. His racist attacks on Muslims and immigrants via executive order. His cabinet appointments that are a rogues gallery of billionaires on a mission, stone cold racists and alt-right ideologues, and the most rabid military generals. His Supreme Court appointment who is a looming nightmare for women’s rights, workers & unions, racial justice & civil liberties. His budget proposals which are a slash & burn horror show for working and poor people. And on top of all that he bumbles from one idiotic move to the next, digging himself deeper into a hole with every word out of his mouth and every Tweet. 

Join us to say enough is enough -- Trump out now!