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Youth Summit for One Fair Wage

  • Minneapolis City Hall (map)

Calling all youth!

The fight for #15forMpls and #1FairWage are stronger than ever. Two years of grassroots organizing, petitions, strikes, and protests have pushed a $15 minimum wage into the center of Minneapolis politics. We're closer than ever to ending poverty wages in Minneapolis.

But corporate lobbyists from the Minnesota Restaurant Association are pushing a youth carve-out that would mean young workers could get paid subminimum wages. Youth carve-outs defy equal pay for equal work, motivate high-turnover business models, and disadvantage young workers trying to support themselves and their families. 

Join us at a youth-led summit to discuss the youth wage issue, and demand that city council pass a strong $15 minimum wage for all workers of all ages, no exemptions! #15forMpls #15forALL #1FairWage #By2022

Are you part of a youth-led activist group and want to be involved? Shoot us a message-- we'd love to have you!