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Decolonize Our Minds

“Decolonization is a dramatic reimagining of relationships with land, people and the state. Much of this requires study. It requires conversation. It is a practice; it is an unlearning.”
- Syed Hussan, Toronto-based activist

We humbly invite you to join us for a day of practice space, knowledge exchange, storytelling, and more on this day of learning and unlearning the dominant narratives that perpetuate racism, colonialism, and white supremacy.

We are peoples moved by a commitment to disrupting the dominant and discarding that which we don’t need.

Join us if you:
- Want to disrupt the status quo.
- Are willing to be unsettled.
- Are diligent and unwavering in your desire for liberation.

Earlier Event: May 22
Later Event: May 22
Fight Transit Cuts at the Capitol