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Minneapolis City Caucuses

100+ locations across the city - text your address to 952-260-6757 to find yours!

Why caucus?
One reason we are unhappy with our leaders is because we are unhappy with the choices. This is because, in Minneapolis, choosing leaders begins at precinct caucuses. Caucuses are the first round of screening. Candidates are applying to represent us, but most of us skip the interviews! In 2013, only 2 percent of Minneapolis residents caucused. We can do better than that, and we need to.

What is a caucus?
A caucus is a community meeting. Neighbors come together to elect delegates, who will meet later in the spring and summer to vote for candidates to earn the DFL endorsement. Anyone can run to be a delegate - and you should!

Who is running?
Candidates are running for mayor, city council, and park board seats. I’m proud to endorse the following candidates as partners to make our city stronger:

Mayor: Raymond Dehn
Park Board District 3: AK Hassan
City Council Ward 1: Jillia Pessenda
City Council Ward 9: Alondra Cano
City Council Ward 3: Cordelia Pierson

Most circumstances or interactions we face, during an average day, are affected by local government. From combatting prejudice to protecting our environment, we must enact change locally. Change will always start local and spread.

Later Event: April 5
Human Rights Campaign Town Hall