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Black Friday Protest: 15 for Walmart, 15 for St Paul!

  • Walmart St Paul 1450 University Avenue West Saint Paul, MN, 55104 United States (map)

Rally with us on Black Friday to support workers organizing for living wages and fair work conditions and send a clear message: we need $15/hour for every worker in St Paul, no exemptions!

While Walmart and other big corporations make billions, workers make poverty wages. That ain't right! We need a $15 minimum wage to make sure retailers like Walmart pay living wages to every worker. 

With 40.8% of St Paul living in poverty and 1/4 St Paul jobs paying less than $15/hour, we can't afford to wait. 

Our movement for living wages is POWERFUL! Our historic victory in Minneapolis will transfer 140 million/year into workers' pockets, giving a raise to 71,000 workers. 

Our movement also put pressure on Target to raise wages nationally. They're raising wages for every worker nationally to at least $15/hour by 2020. So Walmart, will you step up too?

#15forSTP #1FairWage #BlackFriday