Please support the work of Natives Lives Matter Coalition as they address the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Tuesday, the bill to fund a Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (HF70) passed in the MN Public Safety Committee. Next, it goes to Ways and Means. The Senate version is yet to have a hearing. See more details on Tuesday’s hearing and the powerful testimony,

Meanwhile, money is needed to fund the important work being done by Native Lives Matter Coalition and others to raise awareness, support families and Indigenous women-led organizations on the front-line of this work and find solutions. Some of the funds raised will be used to organize the upcoming MMIW Memorial March and RED Ribbon Memorial.

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Support HF70 to help end the epidemic of violence against Indigenous women in Minnesota

For centuries Indigenous women (and girls) have been victims of violent crime - going missing and being murdered at a much higher rate than any other group, with very little accounting of the extent of the problem.

Based on the limited data that exists, Indigenous women are 2 ½ times more likely to suffer violence than any other group in the US. In some parts of Minnesota, the murder rate of Indigenous women is over 10 times higher than anywhere else in the country.

Although the topic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women has gained awareness in recent years, and while sex trafficking and the fossil fuel industry go hand in hand, in fact this issue has been plaguing Indigenous communities for hundreds of years.

Tuesday, January 29, bill (HF70) will be heard by the Public Safety Committee to appropriate funds to enact a task force to start collecting data and make reports to the legislature regarding how to stop this epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women.

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Post-March actions you can do now

THANK YOU! Women’s March Minnesota deeply appreciates the support of the many individuals, communities, and organizations who join in our purpose of harnessing the power of women and their communities to create transformative social change.

We came together SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, in unity to fight all forms of oppression and injustice, because when we are together we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Here are actions you can take now.

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Contact your Congress people and tell them you do not support these tent cities for migrant teens

There are currently 2,324 mostly Central American boys and girls (13-17 years old) living in canvas tents at Tornillo detention center (LA Times) for migrant teens. More than 1,300 teens have arrived here since the end of October alone. None of the 2,100 staff who work at this Texan tent city have not been properly vetted. Anything could be happening to these teens, in the US in 2018, on our watch. What’s more, the cost of running this detention center is 50% higher than originally estimated and it is thought it will cost the US taxpayer a total of $430 million.

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