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5 Ways You Can Oppose Trump's Dangerous Gag Rule

Read the original post on Planned Parenthood's website: "5 Ways You Can Oppose Trump's Dangerous Gag Rule." Written by Planned Parenthood:

We can’t stress enough just how devastating Trump's gag rule would be for people everywhere. And time is running out to stop it from going into effect. The rule was designed to block people from going to Planned Parenthood health centers.

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Kavanaugh Nomination - What's At Stake, What Can We Do?

The balance of the US Supreme Court is set to change significantly for a generation or more, following Kennedy’s retirement and Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to fill his seat.

Kavanaugh is a partisan Republican and an extremist, and his confirmation would pose a serious threat to reproductive rights, healthcare, environmental protection, net neutrality, works’ rights, LGBTQ rights, gun violence prevention laws, voting rights and more.

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