Healthcare Call To Action!

All of the plans scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) leave millions of Americans uninsured, create higher premiums and allow for useless plans that fail to cover basic health care services. What's worse, these plans hurt the elderly, children and those with disabilities and pre-existing conditions the most. We hear your anger and frustration. 

Here is how you can help in under 5 minutes:

1. Call 844-241-1141 and enter your zip code to be automatically directed to your Senator's office.

2. Provide the office staff your name (spell it) and zip code.

3. Thank your MN Senators for their opposition to the proposed legislation. 

4. Tell the staffer you oppose any and all votes on health care legislation that do not include solutions from a bi-partisan, gender-balanced panel.

5. Tell the staffer you support public hearings focused on key areas of concern for healthcare (e.g. availability and access to competitive plans, the need for aggressive pharmaceutical price negotiations and better availability of low-cost generic medications, and solutions to reduce premiums and co-pays).

6. Thank the staffer for their time and attention.

Congrats for upholding democracy! Share this daily action with family and friends, especially in red states.