2019 March Advisory Board

For the last several months, a team of dedicated volunteers have been working around the clock to set the stage for this next step in our movement.

This includes an Advisory Board made up of community leaders and activists. 15 incredible folks make up our Advisory Board. (You may have seen some of them featured on our social media channels).

The Advisory Board brought their unique experiences and skills to the table to more effectively guide us in planning the 2019 march.

These women are truly brilliant and unstoppable!

⭐️ Monique Cullars-Doty, Community Organizer
⭐️Rachael Joseph, Executive Director of Survivors Lead
⭐️ Pamela Isham, Community Organizer
⭐️ Anika Bowie, Co-Chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Committee with NAACP MPLS
⭐️ Beth Gendler, Executive Director of the National Council of Jewish Women - Minnesota (NCJW Minnesota)
⭐️ Maisie Van Sloun, WM National Youth Empower Cohort Member, High School Student and Community Organizer
⭐️ Korina Barry, Social Worker and Community Organizer
⭐️ Nausheena Hussain, Executive Director of Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment
⭐️ Jovita Morales, Minnesota Immigrant Movement, community organizer
⭐️ Kabo Yang, Executive Director of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium
⭐️ Mara Glubka, Community Organizer
⭐️ Patricia Torres Ray, MN State Senator, Community Organizer
⭐️ Amanda Koonjbeharry, Community Organizer
⭐️ Michelle Rivero, Immigration Law Attorney
⭐️ Isabela Alesna, Asian American Organizing Project